What is Calligraphy?

Before there were computers to do our writing for us, people depended on writing text by hand. For formal texts and meaningful pieces, many people relied on calligraphy, which was a form of beautiful and ornamental handwriting.
Calligraphy has been used since ancient times, and many civilizations incorporated it into their texts, including ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. In fact, the word calligraphy is derived from two Greek words: kalli, which means beautiful and graphia, which means writing.
The tools and supplied used for calligraphy have changed a bit throughout the years, however. Calligraphers in past years, for instance, used stiff bristled paint brushes and pens made from wood or large feathers. These writing implements were dipped into bottles of ink before they were used for writing.
Modern calligraphers are still able to use old fashioned calligraphy tools, but they also have the option of choosing from tools that are much easier to use. Calligraphy markers, for instance, are special markers that have flat or angled tips necessary for making special calligraphy lettering. Ink cartridges can also be inserted into special calligraphy pens, and this is typically much less messy than dipping the pen tips into ink.
The special tips of calligraphy pens enable the users to create unusual and ornate letters. The majority of these tips are wider than most modern pens. Some tips have straight edges, while some tips have angles edges. The tips are split in half, and they separate when pressure is applied.
The rise in the popularity of the modern computer brought about the use of several different fonts, from plain to ornate. Although computers and font designers can easily replicate calligraphy letters, there is still somewhat of a demand for calligraphers that use traditional methods as well.

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